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Brake Motors

With the year of experience, We Shyam & Co are involved in offering utmost quality of Brake Motors. A motor brake is a sort of brake that is used in conjunction with a motor to stop and hold the motor and the load it is driving. There are various different types of brakes. A brake motor is a brake and motor combination that is commonly fastened together using C-face flanges. Brake motors are used in a variety of applications where the driving load must be stopped instantly. The brake is set to "Fail Safe Type," which means it is generally ON. The brake is deployed when the electrical power to the motor is shut off or fails. An electromagnetic AC or DC brake is combined with an A.C. induction motor in a brake motor. The electromagnetic brake is attached to the motor's non-driving end.

Brake motors are created by affixing an electromagnetic disc-brake to an A.C. motor, which functions when there is a shortage of current, forcing the motor and any other devices attached to it to be blocked. In the event of an intentional interruption of current, the brake motor provides high stopping accuracy; in the event of an accidental interruption, it provides a high safety margin. Once the electromagnet stops working, one or more springs apply braking pressure in a relatively short time. The following are the most important characteristics: a double-extended shaft and the ability to feed the brakes separately. When using a two-speed motor and an inverter, this approach is recommended. We are actively engaged in delivery of Brake Motors to our valuable clients in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane.

Brake Motors
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