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Fire Sprinkler System

We Shyam & Co are one of the reputed Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, Authorized Dealers, Traders and Wholesalers of Fire Sprinkler System. A fire sprinkler system is an active fire prevention technology that consists of a water supply system that delivers sufficient pressure and flow rate to a water distribution pipe system, which is coupled to fire sprinklers. Systems for homes and small buildings, which were previously only accessible in factories and big commercial structures, are now available at a cost-effective price. Sprinkler systems are widely utilised across the world, with more than 40 million sprinkler heads installed each year. 96 percent of buildings that experienced fires and were completely protected by fire sprinkler systems were controlled solely by the sprinklers, despite the fact that fire sprinkler systems are a life-saving device and are not intended to protect the structure.The Fire Sprinkler System operates as follows: When heated by fire or hot flue gases, the nozzles open individually. The source of the fire is strategically doused with extinguishing water. Water is also sprayed on the surrounding environment, which inhibits the spread of disease.

There are four types of fire sprinkler systems: wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge. Each of these techniques aids in the prevention of flame propagation and the reduction of fire damage. The key distinction between these sorts of fire sprinkler systems is how they are activated and what they are used for. An automated sprinkler system is designed to detect, regulate, and extinguish a fire while also alerting the building's inhabitants. Fire pumps, water storage tanks, control valve sets, sprinkler heads, flow switches, pressure switches, pipe work, and valves are all part of the system. We are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, Authorized Dealers, Traders and Wholesalers of Fire Sprinkler System in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

Fire Sprinkler System
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